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Lansun official news

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The majority of users business friends: hello!

Recently, our company found some malicious corporate websites and online stores that fake the real name of "Wuhan Lanxun Technology Co., LTD." through searching the same website and searching the websites of Alibaba, Huicong and other shops. These websites and shops are CNC cutting machine as the main sales products, part of the website and shop brand sales of our company's products, in the user enterprise to spread wuhan Beixun Technology Co., Ltd. production shutdown of false information, to the user caused a very bad impact.

Hereby, Wuhan Lanxun Technology Co., Ltd. solemnly declares:

The official website of Wuhan Lanxun Technology Co., LTD is:

HTTP: / / version)

HTTP: / /

The production and sales of zLQ series CNC cutting machine for Wuhan Lanxun Technology Co., Ltd. patented products, the series of models of machinery, electrical, hardware, software, NUMERICAL control system, automatic elevation device are independently developed by our company, with complete independent intellectual property rights. In order to uphold the high quality, customer first, service to the first business philosophy, Wuhan Besun Technology Co., Ltd. will be long-term stable operation to protect and maintain the interests of the majority of users, at the same time, we will continue to strive to purify the network environment, eliminate false information network. We also call on you to encounter this kind of bad information websites can be vigilant, beware of being cheated.

The official here reminds the general user, all information is subject to the official announcement, do not listen to rumors. Wuhan Lanxun Technology Co., LTD

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